What Moana Taught Me About Trauma

*Ya’ll. I have no words to describe how BLOWN AWAY I am by the response to this article. 200k shares??? WHAT? Is this real life?? It was the scariest thing I’ve ever written.  And you’ve been so wonderful. So thank you for your kindness. *


My child has recently become obsessed with Moana. (Yes, I know. We are a little late to the party.)

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m a little obsessed too.

It is so refreshing to see a female heroine in a kid’s film that passes the Bechdel Test – a heroine who goes on her own journey of self-discovery that (shocker!) doesn’t involve romance.

But what stunned me, what absolutely knocked me to my knees, was what this film taught me about trauma recovery.

I am currently wading through the thick muck and mire of recovery from childhood sexual abuse, and sometimes it gets ugly. My therapist says that I “check out” as a defense mechanism – that I numb myself by disassociating from the trauma. And I do. Because I’m terrified to feel my feelings. I’m terrified that if I really let them out, I will be crushed by them. I’m getting there, slowly, one painful step at a time. But I’m getting there.

So imagine my surprise when what I thought would be a fun, cheerful Disney flick left me ugly-crying and gasping for breath….

Read the whole story at Parent.Co 


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